Our values are guiding principles we use to make decisions. Allied Consultants was started 80 years ago as a legal consulting firm. Although we have diversified into IT consulting in recent years, however our core values remain the formation of a just and fair organization.

We operate on a principle of greater good and use that in all our company policy decision making. We operate as a non-profit because we feel that maximizes gain for our customers and our employees.
Our guiding principles are open access to information, proportional reward and a clear and proportional recognition of merit. We also believe that it’s important for this recognition to be causal to the activities so as to naturally reinforce desirable behavior.

We recognize that we are a people company and that they are our biggest asset. We thus aim to address all their needs as they grow and develop in their careers. Detailed career, training and mentoring programs ensure that people achieve the best that they can be and in turn enables others around them. We wish to grow organically as a company by enabling our people to grow. The tree in our logo represents that.

We believe that these values will help us attract the best talent available in the markets helping us deliver the best possible quality of service to our customers. At Allied we believe that solutions to problems constitute primarily of smart people, owning a problem.