To comply with your daily chores efficiently in the growing wholesales industry our powerful distribution management tool provides a complete solution for all your accounts handling, e-commerce ordering, and to enhance the inventory management capabilities in your business.
Are you afraid to focus completely on your work?
A distributor’s day in wholesale industry is completely filled with the pressure of different demands from customers, where full attention and care is to be diffused to all tasks. Here our distribution management system lets you specialize so that you can deliver your best to your customers!

Are your routine tasks more chaotic?
All routine errands are identified and standardized through it, hereby reducing work pressure and need for human capital. It provides great help to reduce the business pitfalls interlinked with grip on relevant information, market pattern, plus analysis and predictions in this industry which It facilitates sound decision making with its user friendly interface and cost effective price to its multidimensional design. Build with a complete understanding of a particular mid-size distribution company’s functionality it improves sales performance, does inventory cost cutting and minimizes the human capital.

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  • Optimum remedial operations with EDI translation, integration of data, adequate solution of exchange and purchase orders, varying invoices, pre ship notifications, standardized business documents and security. It comes with error detection and correction wizard, lower admin costs, and quick order to cash cycles.
  • Standardizes Purchase Orders Sales Orders without worrying. Moreover you can easily get the best deals over all purchases without putting in extra effort as it has completely configurable purchase order template.
  • Lot tracking to keep the records of information actually associated with variety of products and batches. Saves the information for raw material and facilitates tracking units of stock.
  • Speedy order processing, improved sales order cycle, templates for purchase sales orders and transaction procedures
  • Consolidated inventories into single integrated warehouse inventory control solution, smooth product life cycle from introduction to decline, minimized inventory levels to cut costs, and controlled and visible stock batch.
  • Optimized contact management system with our exclusive DMT, maintains complete record of phone calls, meetings, appointments, emails, reminders etc.
  • Landed Cost tracking feature identifies various cost elements related to goods purchased and accurately simplifies the receipts of shipments with measuring the pre-costing shipment charges before the goods arrived and creates automatic payable.
  • Ascertain cost elements associated with the goods already purchased and create the auto payable records for list of your vendors in relation to all landed cost allocation.