We understand the only way to deliver genuine value to our customers is by hiring the right people for the job, focusing on the problem and empowering them to solve it.

As a company, we pass on most of the revenue to the consultants involved with that customer. This results in a deep rooted connection between the consultants and the customer, aligning the customer’s motivations and priorities with the consultants reward and re-numeration.

This approach means that we don’t have to struggle with problems of conventional profit-oriented companies. We don’t spend excessively on expansion since that occurs organically with expanding accounts. We don’t waste as much on reckless or unnecessary spending since people consider expense to be their own and the loss to be a personal loss. We don’t spending excessively on marketing our services, we feel motivated consultants doing a good job are probably the best marketing channel for us. Bad consultants get voted out of the company naturally through the elaborate evaluation, training and project selection process.

Most important to us is that every consultant OWNS the customer’s problems because it is in his direct interest to do so. Our vision , practices and procedures are geared towards ensuring this ownership remains in-tact even as we grow.