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10 Mind-Blowing AI Tools Everyone Should Be Trying Out Now

AI is a hot topic due to its demonstrated power and capabilities, exemplified by applications like ChatGPT, a conversational AI. Recently, the emergence of “generative” AI tools has shown that AI is no longer limited to academic research or tech giants in Silicon Valley. It has become a technology accessible to any business or individual, capable of revolutionizing day-to-day activities.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of AI’s current capabilities, it is crucial to familiarize oneself with key tools. In this regard, I have selected amazing tools that can be readily employed today to harness the potential of AI.

First, What Exactly is AI?

Recent viral AI applications have led to an interest in the connection between AI and science fiction’s portrayal of “artificial intelligence.” For decades, tales of intelligent robots, both friendly and menacing, have captivated us. Science fiction has portrayed AI in various ways, and its representation has evolved over time.

However, in the context of today’s discussions on AI, the term typically refers to a technology called “machine learning.” Machine learning is a sub-field of artificial intelligence that focuses on software algorithms that can learn and improve at a specific task as they encounter more data.

Machine learning has been instrumental in driving a multitude of groundbreaking tools that have transformed our daily lives. Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Uber have revolutionized various aspects of our lives, from searching for information to booking rides. Moreover, the latest wave of AI applications has opened up possibilities for leveraging machine learning in almost any imaginable task.

Discover the Must-Know “Killer Apps” Shaping the Digital Landscape

Being deeply passionate about productivity, I continually explore and evaluate the latest AI tools to identify those that genuinely enhance work-life balance. Today, I am thrilled to unveil a selection of remarkable AI tools that have recently captivated my attention. Let’s delve into some of these remarkable advancements and explore their potential impact.
Excited? Let’s start.

1. ChatGPT

Let’s begin by discussing the widely popular ChatGPT, a remarkable conversational interface powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 large language model. Recently, it has been made accessible to the public as a free research preview, creating a viral sensation. ChatGPT generates text outputs in various formats, including prose, poetry, and even computer code, by providing text prompts.

2. Dall-E 2

Another noteworthy initiative from OpenAI, this project has played a pivotal role in igniting the current surge of consumer fascination with generative AI. By leveraging text prompts, generative AI can create captivating computer graphics, including images, photos, drawings, paintings, and more.

3. Perplexity

A perplexity is a tool that provides instant answers with cited sources, making it an invaluable tool for research and learning. It is an enhanced version of ChatGPT that allows users to ask any question and receive an immediate response. Unlike ChatGPT, Perplexity can provide answers even if the information is not in its database or on a site like Wikipedia. It is a powerful tool that can help users find accurate and reliable information quickly and easily.

Mind-blowing, right?

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4. Decktopus

Decktopus is a presentation software solution that allows users to create engaging and informative slides quickly and easily. It is an AI-powered presentation maker that creates stunning presentations in seconds. Users only need to type the presentation title and their preferred design, and Decktopus will do the rest. It tailors slide notes to the user’s topic and audience and provides more items to enrich the presentation.

Decktopus AI has been a game-changer for businesses and educators alike, providing visually stunning and professional designs that are quick and simple to use. With Decktopus, users can create professional-looking presentations in minutes, making it a revolutionary tool for presentation-making.

5. Humata AI

Humata is a unique tool that uses AI to provide instant answers to data-related questions. It works like GPT for your files, allowing you to upload pdf files and ask questions based on them. With Humata, you can create reports, analyze legal documents, and understand technical papers with ease. It simplifies complex documents by providing summaries that are easy to understand, making it particularly helpful for people who need to quickly grasp the main points of a lengthy or intricate document.

Humata supports multiple languages, so it can help you analyze pdf files in languages other than English. It provides faster learning and 10 times quicker answers compared to traditional methods, making it a revolutionary tool for data analysis.

6. Soundraw

An automated music generator is a tool that uses AI to create unique tracks. Users can make decisions about the genre of music they want to create, the instruments that will be used, the mood they want to create, and the length of the track. Once the user has made these decisions, the AI will compose a unique track.

This tool is particularly helpful for creating royalty-free music for videos or games. It simplifies the music-making process and allows users to create unique music quickly and easily. There are several AI music generators available that excel at generating amazing royalty-free music, and some of them are available for free.

7. Looka

This tool uses AI to create unique and distinctive logos that convey a company’s style and messaging, making it easy to brand a business. It simplifies the process of creating customized marketing material, even for those who don’t have any design skills. Users can make decisions about the logo’s style, including the colours, fonts, and symbols, and the AI will generate a selection of unique logos. The user can then customize the logo by changing the fonts, icons, and colours.

8. Podcastle

It is an AI-powered audio recording and editing tool that creates clear, super-smooth recordings that sound professionally edited. AI automates audio tasks like cleaning up sounds and creating transcripts, enhancing audio quality, and saving time.

9. Cleanup.Pictures

An AI tool uses “inpainting” to retouch images by removing unwanted objects, defects, or people, helping users create perfect images. AI can automate tasks like cleaning up audio and creating transcripts, enhancing image quality, and saving time.

10. Fireflies

This tool is designed to automate the process of taking notes and creating transcriptions during video conferencing sessions. Generative AI can be integrated into video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, or Webex to analyze conversations and provide insights. An AI tool can automate note-taking and data entry, provide critical insights from team conversations, and facilitate cross-functional collaboration.

Final Thought!

These ten websites showcase the potential of AI in improving productivity and simplifying daily tasks. By leveraging these tools, users can save time, boost creativity, and focus on what matters most. These AI-powered tools can help workers build slideshows, take notes, perfect their writing, prioritize daily work schedules, and stay focused.