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How to Find a Trusted Advisor for Your IT Outsourcing Problem

Trusted advisors are always very hard to find, sometimes the sources are not reliable and sometimes they are not good enough to figure out and solve your IT outsourcing problem. Hence, before looking for the best, be ready to do procurement-advisora thorough research before hiring somebody.Use

LinkedIn as a reliable source:

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service. It is a very reliable source because it is used by professionals and experts coming from all walks of life. You can search there for your trusted advisor. Moreover, you can join relevant groups where you will get referrals

Ask for references:

While searching for your trusted advisor you can ask for references. Being in the industry, you must know of a lot of other people with the same dilemma. Ask them how they outsourced their IT and get suggestions. Knowledge on someone’s first-hand experience can take you a long way.

Use networking to find someone reliable:

Your friends might know somebody so you can circulate the message in your circle to find somebody who is reliable enough to be your trusted advisor.

Check for a combination of personality and expertise:

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a good personality and expertise both in one person. So you need to check that the person you’re going to trust possesses both these qualities. It would be useless if somebody has a good personality, but he is not an expert, or vice versa.

Look for similarly sized partners:

Having similarly sized partners improves the chances of them giving you the attention that you require.

Have onshore, offshore outsourcing models:

You have to decide whether your advisor should be onshore i.e. within the local country or offshore i.e. located far away. Furthermore, you should also know what is better for you onshore or offshore. Create models for both possibilities and see which one suits you best.

Thus, it is not easy for you to find a trust advisor because it is hard to find people you can blindly trust with handling all your private and confidential things. So you need to do a proper check before trusting somebody with such a responsibility.