Checklist For People Publishing Video

Here is the few guideline for anyone making new videos.

  • What tools to use (Cam studio, Camtasia, etc..).
  • Don’t mention the client name in your video.
  • The video should not be longer than 15 to 20 mins. Be concise and to be the point.
  • Before making the title, just search the keyword through Google keyword planner what people is basically searching for.
  • You can get an idea by looking up the existing videos.
  • Make sure to publish on the Allied blog (so that we can amplify it on social media)
  • Make sure to link back to the Allied website in the video description
  • Please keep the fan off when you are recording.
  • Add a watermark or a company logo to the video
  • When publishing the blog, publish the transcription as well – that can help you get found by search engines. You can do that by editing the video in youtube  > subtitles/cc > create a new transcription > add new subtitles > Use the English (automatic) > Download > Open the file in notepad
  • It may also be a good idea to send an email to for interesting content.

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Hassan Askari