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First Step towards ACE Portal Application

ACE Portal Application and Program Participation

To take advantage of the latest ACE Secure Data Portal capabilities company must register for it first. Benefits of establishing a Portal account include the following: file manifests electronically; make periodic payments on an interest-free monthly basis; file and process formal consumption entries and informal entries, including Automated Broker Interface (ABI) Census Warning Overrides; view and respond to certain CBP forms through the ACE Portal; and file and process AD/CVD entries (also know as type 03 entries) and track the lifecycle of your AD/CVD cases. Participating in ACE not only provides these tangible benefits, but also supports the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’s) dual mission to facilitate legitimate trade and secure our nation’s borders.

To register with ACE portal application a company must submit the ACE Portal Application Form with the required information. This form can be submitted by mail as well as electronically. This document requires following information:

  • Company Information
  • Account Business Activity with CBP
    • Import/Broker/Filer information
    • Service Provider information
    • Facility Operator/Foreign Trade Zone Operator/Cartman/Lighterman information
    • Air Carrier/Rail Carrier/Sea Carrier/Truck Carrier/Driver/Crew Information
    • Account Owner Designation
    • Point of Contact

Completion of ACE Application

The Account Owner must complete a “signed” ACE Application as proof of designation of the Account Owner and submit it to Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Please note that the “signature” can be digital as noted on the ACE Application. This document must be signed by both the Principal (any high ranking officer within the ACE Portal account, such as the sole proprietor, a corporate officer, etc.) and the Account Owner (that is, the individual responsible for the daily administration of the ACE Portal account’s activities).

Anyone interested in applying for an ACE Portal account must provide the information noted on the ACE Application as pertains to both the Account (Section A of the application) and the Account Owner (Section B of the application).

Under Section A (titled “Account Information”) interested applicants will need to indicate a primary business activity as well as the business activities (also known as “account types”) in which they are interested.

Under Section B (titled “Account Owner Designation”) please fill out EITHER part 1 or 2. If the Account Owner is an individual, please ONLY fill out part 1. If the Account Owner is a legal entity, please fill out ONLY part 2 and Section C.

Account types currently available include: Importer, Broker, Filer, Surety, Service Provider (this includes the following types: Software Vendor; Service Bureau; Port Authority; Preparer; and Surety Agent), Facility Operator, Foreign Trade Zone Operator, Cartman/Lighterman, Air Carrier, Rail Carrier, Sea Carrier, Truck Carrier and Driver/Crew. Importers who are self-filers should apply for both their importer and their filer views on one ACE Application.

Please visit the ACE Modernization link on for a complete listing of the FRNs and any eligibility requirements associated with each of these account types.

Existing ACE Portal accounts requiring additional account types do not need to submit a new ACE Portal Application. Instead, they should notify CBP of their request and provide the information noted on the application pertaining to the specific account type in which they are interested. An existing ACE Portal Account may request an additional Importer/Carrier account type by logging on to the ACE Portal and using the ACE Portal functionality (see the Periodic Payment R3 WBT for additional details).

An existing ACE Portal account requesting a Broker, Service Provider, Facility Operator, Foreign Trade Zone Operator, and/or Cartman/Lighterman view should send an e-mail to CBP at [email protected]. Please note that there can only be one Account Owner for the Account regardless of the number of business categories associated with the Account.

Carriers, Cartmen/Lightermen, Facility Operators, or Foreign Trade Zone Operators who need visibility to their bond data should apply for an “importer view.” Bond data is currently accessible only under the “importer view.” Surety accounts, however, will be able to view bond data under their Surety view.

If applying for a new Surety Portal account, please contact CBP Revenue Division at [email protected] to have your profile created in ACE. Indicate on the application the date on which the Revenue Division created your profile and provide your Surety Code and Employer Identification Number (EIN). There is no need to contact CBP Revenue Division if applying as an “established” (that is, transacting as a Surety with CBP since 09/09/2007) surety. However, a Surety Code and EIN must still be provided on the application.

Once any of the above-referenced views have been created, you will be notified by CBP via the business e-mail you have provided. For Facility Operator and Foreign Trade Zone Operator account types, once an e-mail is received from CBP, the local port(s) should be contacted to associate sites/warehouses to the operator view.


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