ChatGPT Plugins

Top ChatGPT Plugins That Every Developer Should Know About

ChatGPT now offers the exciting capability of installing plugins to enhance its intelligence. However, selecting the most suitable plugins can be challenging due to the extensive range of over 80 options available in the ChatGPT store. Furthermore, the limitation of running only three plugins concurrently necessitates careful decision-making. To help you in making an informed […]


Why Is Cloud Migration Crucial For Your Business Success

Cloud technology adoption has revolutionized the business landscape, presenting unprecedented advantages in scalability, flexibility, security, and collaboration. This blog delves into the reasons why businesses should make cloud migration a top priority for their success in 2023 and beyond. We will explore the cost-efficiency and data protection benefits, revealing how cloud migration can transform your […]

In-demand soft skills

The Most In-Demand Soft Skills Tech Workers Need To Succeed

LinkedIn recently conducted an analysis of hiring trends observed on its platform, shedding light on the most in-demand hard and soft skills by companies. These trends align seamlessly with my observations in executive coaching, where I assist leaders in stress management, resilience building, fostering creativity, developing emotional intelligence, and enhancing communication and collaboration abilities. Hard […]

Latest Tech Developments

Latest Tech Developments That Could Lead To Positive Change

We have witnessed the remarkable and beneficial advancements that technology can bring to various domains, ranging from revolutionary medical treatments to communication software that keeps us connected, and even innovative methods of agricultural production, among countless others. Certain technologies have such a profound impact that they rapidly transition from obscurity to becoming widely adopted within […]


Mastering the Code: Insider Tips from Successful Software Developers

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of software development, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. Aspiring developers and seasoned professionals alike constantly seek ways to enhance their skills and improve their craft. In this article, we will delve into the minds of successful software developers and uncover their insider tips for mastering […]

IT Consulting firm

Things To Seek In an IT Consulting Firm: Find the Perfect Partner

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses of all sizes face the constant challenge of staying ahead in the technological race. The complexities and intricacies of IT infrastructure often demand the expertise of professionals who can navigate this ever-changing terrain. This is where an IT consulting firm can make a significant impact. But with so […]