Incubator services

Allied Inc. is an incubator based out of Lahore, Pakistan. We currently host 2 companies both working in various segments of the IT outsourcing – Services sector. Following are services we offer:

Area Current offering Future Plans
  • Small rented premises in Lahore
  • Outreach programs e.g. in Gilgit and the Northwest
  • Subsidized physical space (tables, chairs)
  • Full equipped conference rooms
  • Company branding (Website Development, email etc.)
  • Motivating and creative environment
  • Fax, Phone, PO Boxes
  • Renting laptops, Servers and other infrastructure
  • Travel and Visa Services
  • Branded merchandise and stationary
ICT Services
  • Redundant internet, System administration and phone services
Legal and Accounting Services
  • Subsidized Accounting and Book keeping
  • Company Registration
  • Tax returns
Sales guidance and coaching
  • PASHA/PSEB/BizSpark registration/Visibility
  • Onshore presence and support
  • Quick hiring
  • Candidate Short listing and Interview Scheduling
  • Career planning an gap identification
  • Partnerships with other HRM firms (e.g. Rozee, HighlyKeen)
  • Hosted Portals and knowledge continuation
  • Account and team management services
  • Resource, Cost, Scope and customer experience planning
  • Evaluations and career counseling
  • Entertainment
  • Good quality food catering
Networking opportunities
  • Networking amongst the entrepreneurial community
  • Networking with academics
  • Tapping into mentoring networks and forums
  • Networking with the financial community
  • Internal Portal
  • Collection of content from external sources
  • Taking portal public
  • In person trainings
  • Monetization of content
  • Training programs for the under privileged
If you are a small company or aspiring entrepreneurs and would like to explore locating in our incubator, please get in touch with us at [email protected].