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Azure Logic Apps: 10 frequently used integration patterns in Logic Apps

A part of Azure App Service platform, the Azure Logic Apps makes the experience easier for technical experts to build integration, web and mobile apps. With Logic Apps, business process execution can be automated and with just a few clicks developers can solve integration scenarios easily with the use of Connectors and Integration Patterns.

Getting started with Integration Patterns in Logic Apps as with any growing service may be a little  overwhelming in the beginning phase. However, once the developers get the handle on it, they’ll be capable of developing workflows independently fairly quickly. To help developers get started, most commonly used integration patterns up til now are listed in the following table.

Common Integration Patterns Description
Message Routing Decoupling individual processing steps to pass on the messages to various filters according to preset conditions
Publish-Subscribe Channel How can an event broadcasting be done by the sender to all interested receivers?
Message Transformation Message transformation guidelines for additional processing or for matching the expected service document format where the message will be sent
Message Endpoint Application connection to a messaging system to send/ receive messages
Command Message Using messaging to invoke a process in another app
Request/ Reply message How to achieve a response by the receiver when a message is sent by an application?
Event Messages Using messages to transmit events from one app to another
Splitter How to process message when it encompasses multiple components, all of which may have to be processed differently?
Aggregator Combining outcomes of individual but related messages to be processed as a whole
Pipes and Filters Maintaining independence and flexibility, how can complex processing be performed on a message?

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