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HTTP Request & Response

Compression/Decompression (Client & Server side) using GZipStream and pako

What is GZipStream? GZipStream provides methods and properties used to compress and decompress streams by using the GZip data format specification and support compression of streams with a maximum size of 4GB. GZipStream uses RFC 1952 compression algorithm. What is pako? The pako compression library is an open-source JavaScript library to compress and decompress the […]

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Azure Logic Apps: 10 frequently used integration patterns in Logic Apps

A part of Azure App Service platform, the Azure Logic Apps makes the experience easier for technical experts to build integration, web and mobile apps. With Logic Apps, business process execution can be automated and with just a few clicks developers can solve integration scenarios easily with the use of Connectors and Integration Patterns. Getting […]

Biztalk Blog Execution (dev, test, release) Integration Solution by Industry

BizTalk EDI solution for high-tech manufacturing industry

Introduction EDI integration solution helps B2B firms to communicate, in parallel, with suppliers, customers, warehouses, logistics department, banks and telecommunication providers. Allied Consultant’s broad Allied EDI framework is a set of templates, tools and best practices that accelerate the implementation of EDI projects in a multi-shore implementation scenario. Most of the multinational retail and wholesale brands such as H&M, […]

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BizTalk HL7 Solution for healthcare providers

Introduction The proposed solution is part of Allied Consultant’s Healthcare EDI solution stack. The solution integrates and centralizes the various medical systems and ensures compliance with HL7 (Health level 7) standard. It also helps in integration of different systems without the high costs or third-party interface development. Solution features Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for HL7 (BTAHL7): […]

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Turning software services projects into products: Challenges, solutions and ideas

Idea in brief Making products out of projects is always a point of discussion in the software services firms. I have identified 8 major challenges and proposed their solutions. It is generally after 5-10 years of starting a consulting career that we feel this need. Initially passion attracts the IT consultants into the field; you […]

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Project Server 2013: Developing Custom workflows for Project Portfolio Management [Case study]

Customer background Country of deployment:        Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Industry:                                  Higher Education & Research The client is a large education and research university that offers scientific, technical, and management education. The university also manages several undergraduate colleges […]

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BizTalk for Healthcare: Top 5 Case Studies of BizTalk HL7 Implementation

1. Datapost does the integration job for Hamilton Health Services Hamilton Health Services used Microsoft BizTalk Serve, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Visual Studio and Corolar Integration Suite to deploy a comprehensive, easy-to-use HL7 integration solution. The major challenges included: Integration of clinical systems, including MEDITECH and EPIC for electronic health records (EHR) Integrated of cancer patient records […]

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Integration Practice: Solutions to 3 high-level challenges that Integation practice leads come across

Idea in brief This post will cover the 3 key challenges that integration practice leads come across while managing day-to-day affairs of their practice. We have also included solution-pointers, a thoughtful and practical use of these recommendations can help address these challenges. The challenges are: Acquiring Biz Talk projects Delivering projects profitably Partner management Each […]

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Business Intelligence: How can Excel users easily use Microsoft Power BI for sales analysis?

In this video, Sr. BI consultant at Allied Consultants, Asim Yaqoob, demonstrates how power users of Microsoft Excel can easily start using Microsoft Power BI to analyze their data. The demo is based on sales data of a retail store chain. Video transcript Hello everyone, I have some retail sales data (See Image 1) & […]

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