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Azure Logic Apps vs. BizTalk: A comparison between old and new integration platforms

Steef Jan-Wiggers recently shared Microsoft’s product road map for 2016. It will deliver Microsoft’s iPaaS offering on-premises through Logic Apps on Azure Stack in preview around Q3 2016 and GA around the end of the year.connecting systems, devices and applications together is going to change, or may I say that it already has changed.

Connecting systems, devices and applications together is going to change, or may I say that it already has changed.

The emerging iPaaS (integration platform-as-a-Service) space is naturally of interest to us who have been doing BizTalk since last 15 years. Here’s a feature-to-feature comparison between Azure Logic Apps and Microsoft BizTalk, though, this comparison will remain a work-in-progress until the Logic Apps platform matures.

Get the Full, Free PDF Version of the Comparison Here.

Customer Weigtage Logic Apps Microsoft BizTalk
Product offering Details Examples   Availability Weighted Score Availability Weighted Score
Standards Support              
EDI Yes 8 Yes 8
Rosettanet (Multiple versions) No 0 Yes 8.5
SWIFT No 0 Yes 7.5
ebXML No 0
EDIFACT Yes 7 Yes 8
X12 Yes 8 Yes 8.5
File Yes 8.5 Yes 7
HTTP(S)   Yes 9 Yes 8.5
FTP Yes 8 Yes 8.5
FTPS Yes 8 Yes 8.5
SFTP Yes 7 Yes 8
SOAP/WS Yes 5 Yes 8
RNIF No 0 Yes 7
SMTP/POP Yes 5 Yes 7.5
Web Services Yes 9 Yes 8
SOA Compliance Yes 8 Yes 8.5
XSLT Yes 8.5 Yes 8.5
XPATH Yes 8.5 Yes 8
XML Yes 7 Yes 7
Flat Files Yes 8 Yes 8
(S)MIME Yes 7.5 Yes 8
Process Designer              
BPML Compliance No 0 Yes 7
Extensibility Yes 8 Yes 8
Comprehensiveness No 0 Yes 9
Support for human interaction Higher 9 Lower 6
BPEL Compliance Yes 8 Yes 6
State Based workflows Yes 7.5 Yes 8
Configurability per partner (code lists) Higher 8 Lower 6
Data Transformation              
Performance How efficiently is the visual map converted to executable code Very High 9 Lower 7
Ease of development The ease with which transformations can be applied Higher 8.5 Lower 6.5
Data manipulation functions Data manipulation, augmentation, lookups. Limited 5 Vast 8
Data representation diversity Ability to support multiple rep standards (flat file,EDI,XML.. ) Less Powerful 6 More Powerful 9
Standards Support versions of EDI, Rosettanet Yes 6.5 Yes 7.5
Support for Lookups Ease with which database lookups can be performed Yes 8 Yes 8
XSLT Support Standard support Yes 6 Yes 8
Speed of development Hierarchy normalization etc.. Very High 9 Lower 5
Trading Partner Management              
Code lists No 4 Yes 7
Metadata Yes 7 Yes 7
Business Rules and Policy Management              
Business rules of biztalk are applicable Yes 7 Yes 7
SQL Yes 8 Yes 8
Messaging Layer              
Publish subscribe Publishing API apps in marketplace Higher 9 Lower 5
ESB Yes 8 Yes 8
 – Sourcecode product which is based upon windows presentation foundation and enables defining and executing human workflows  through web applications and it uses BizTalk for System workflows No 0 yes 7
BizTalk can communicate with any application, with little or no change at all to source application Yes 8 Yes 8
Through BizTalk business process work flows can be exposed as web service which can consume by any SOAP compliant client. Yes 6 Yes 7
Long running transactions Inefficient 3 Effective 8
Scale Up (processor limits, memory limits…) BizTalk Enterprise Edition can be scaled up to unlimited number processors and memory Yes 9 Yes 8.5
Availability /Reliability              
Availability of rapid development tools BizTalk seamlessly integrates with visual
studio 2005 which is outstanding rapid development IDE
Yes 9 Yes 8
Quality of documentation There is a huge collection of Documentation,
tutorials and samples available for BizTalk on Web
Lower 5 Higher 9
Non repudiation Yes 8 Yes 7
Availability of SDKs BizTalk Server comes with SDK with rich object model to extend existing functionality Yes 7 Yes 8.5
Key Financial Metrics            
ROI Higher 5 Lower (Short-run) 7
Payback Period Short 9 Long 6
Product Strategy Growth 9 Mature/Decline 6
Cost of upgrades Higher 6.5 Lower 8


Muhammad Omer

Muhammad Omer is the founding partner at Allied Consultants. Areas of interest for him are entreprenuership in organizations, IT Management, Integration and Business Intelligence.

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