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B2B Integration Platform: Determining KPIs for logistics & freight-forwarding companies

1. Performance and Scalability Latency and throughput are the two most important factors that determine performance aspect on an integration platform. This translates into messages/sec and response time in seconds as typical KPIs of an integration platform (See image 1 for BizTalk performance indicators). You’ll need to capture the requirements you are setting up for […]

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The B2B Impact of IoT

The latest statistics show that IoT will impact the economy by approximately 4-11 trillion dollars by the year 2025 that has increased the interest of investors in IoT. There are specific markets which hold huge returns for the investors, particularly: The medical industry – doctors, hospitals (Proteus ingestible pill sensor, BeClose system, BodyGuardian) The car […]

Biztalk Blog Evaluation Integration

Azure Logic Apps vs. BizTalk: A comparison between old and new integration platforms

Steef Jan-Wiggers recently shared Microsoft’s product road map for 2016. It will deliver Microsoft’s iPaaS offering on-premises through Logic Apps on Azure Stack in preview around Q3 2016 and GA around the end of the year.connecting systems, devices and applications together is going to change, or may I say that it already has changed. Connecting […]

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SSAS Tabular or Multidimensional approach for creating a business intelligence semantic model

Recently a client asked me whether they should use tabular or multidimensional model for creating the BI (business intelligence) semantic model. I choose the tabular route due to the following reasons. Reasons to go the Tabular route If you want to use DAX (based on Excel formulas, but is often seen as having a steep […]

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Microsoft’s SQL Server: 27 features of SQL Server 2014 that you don’t find in 2012 version

SQL Server is Microsoft’s flagship database product and has been in use for more than a decade. Microsoft recently announced to release SQL Server 2016 next year and has already released the preview version. The new 2016 release will have significant improvements in security features, in-memory OLTP, analytics and Stretch Database. Here is a list of […]

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Offshore Team Building

Offshore development: Guide to successful offshroe team building

Companies are increasingly trying to get the most out of their information technology dollars. Project managers can strategically support their companies by acquainting yourself with the various aspects of offshoring. This will prepare you for what to expect and help you be more effective in your interactions with an offshore team. 1. Assess competence First, […]