Biztalk HL7

BizTalk HL7: A Highway to Smooth Healthcare Practice

Situation Analysis

The client had to deal with myriads of paper records to ensure practice management and the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services required that EHR was used by the client for interoperability. The competition was rapidly shifting towards an environment that supports interoperability where different enterprise and clinical systems interact seamlessly while providing real-time data to the users when it is most needed.

The client needed an automated, flexible integration engine that will connect its internal and external clinical systems with their Practice Management (PM) system while complying with the HL7 standards. Additionally, the client wanted their PM system to be compatible with Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) system.

Business Benefits

The use of Allied Consultants service pack enabled the company to automate and integrate the internal and external clinical systems. This assisted the back-office personnel to develop an optimal route for their employees, specifically doctors, providing them with the ability to access the patient’s entire medical history within seconds. This integration environment is flexible and scalable to similar workloads in healthcare industry.