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Basic Instructions on writing solutions

Use-Cases for the solution directory:

  • Internal Sales team uses the directory to make themselves conversant about a particular business area before the talk to customers. The call-our team for example might be reaching out to someone specializing in “sales and marketing” (a function) or someone focused on Retail (an Industry). While on the call they will need to quickly pull up a link to make a few interesting suggestions to the customer. The same links are usually sent out after the call to the customer to see.
  • Business oriented customers are searching for things that can improve certain business problems (Benefits/KPIs) for their industry. Or they could be searching for combinations of technology and benefit or technology and features (keywords therein). This will get them directly to our website. The structure of the site will encourage them to browse around reach out to us.

Checklist for solution completion:

  • The solution has a good representative picture. 90% of the people will not read the text beyond the picture. Google Analytics stats tell us the average reader spends 6s looking at each solution. The probably dont read beyond the picture and the bold.
  • The solution is tagged with atleast one business process. This will be the department someone works in (if they are to find this interesting)
  • The solution is tagged in atleast one Industry. Name the industry you think will find it relevant. Be conservative if you are not sure.
  • The solution is tagged in atleast one Shareholder Value segment.  These are categories of business benefits. There is a big chart at our reception that ties in with this if you are not sure.
  • The main text does not contain benefits. Features go on the left text, Benefits go on the right. A Benefits is something that the user can associate to business value (Amount save, XYZ KPI improved etc..). A feature is how that will be achieved (A screen that shows KPIs, a portal that lets the users login, through reports, etc.. )? Use terminology that is industry specific. Refer to KPIs on
  • All the technology products you reviewed are captured in the “Technology” box. Make sure it has URLs. This enables people who read this after you to know exactly where you got this information from and gets you SEO points.
  • All definitions, acronyms, research findings are captured in the “Internal Notes” section. This is to ensure that when people other than yourself read this text, they can catch up quickly (and understand) the language of this industry.
  • Make sure the text is left-aligned. Select text and choose the left-align shape from the editor.
  • Ensure that the font on the rendered solution is consistent. The style sheet can get quite funky. Reach out of you need help.
  • DO NOT “Publish” the solution till it has been reviewed. Save it as a draft or send it for review. Publishing it pre-maturely might make a half-complete solution visible to the users.
  • Once reviewed make sure you publish the solution on hoot-suite. Auto schedule the solution for maximum impact.
  • Make sure common grammatical ethics are in place. Spell check, Make sure first letters are capitalized etc.
  • Publish the solution using your own WordPress account. This will allow other BD officers to reach out to you if they have questions.