10 Basic Challenges of Recruitment in Pakistan

The significance of human resource cannot be undermined. Hence, the recruitment process can be quite a challenge with respect to attracting the right talent, hiring and then managing it. Here are some pointers that provide an insight into the recruitment Recruitment
challenges faced in Pakistan.

Sourcing Issues

Once the need to fill a vacancy has been recognized, what would be the next step and how will you move forward with it? The foremost issue and the logical step would be choosing the right platform to target human resource specific to your industry and requirements. Thus, companies usually try to tap in the right candidates from every possible source including personal references, social media, online job portals, etc. However, despite advertising on all available platforms, reaching out to the target pool is still a long shot because of a dearth of such platforms in Pakistan.

Poor CV filtering

More often than not, the pile of resumes received on online job portals have been poorly filtered according to the job description and requirement. Most of the resumes are irrelevant and can be classified as junk. Moreover, some of these job portals do not provide proper screening services, which makes the recruitment process a hassle.

Side Effects of Unemployment

In a country like Pakistan where the unemployment rate runs high, specialization becomes secondary. Everybody is willing to take whatever job that comes their way. However, it is frustrating for the recruiter to go through resumes of candidates of accounts, arts, supply chain, science, etc. for a position in the marketing department. In such a situation, looking for the right talent can be very problematic.

Poor Interviewing Standards / Skills

Every job is unique and requires a certain set of skills. Therefore, the interview process for a certain job requires a specific pattern through which the necessary skills can be judged. Discovering the required skill set in a person is an art. Judging by quick responses isn’t enough. The body language and the facial expressions must also be deciphered to reach a wholesome conclusion.

Wrong Priorities in Hiring a Candidate

Very often companies are unaware of the output of a certain job and hence, fail to scrutinize the potential candidates accordingly. They need to prioritize and know exactly what they are looking for. For instance, it would be meaningless to be careful about the dress code where a technical job is concerned. It would further result in a tremendous resource loss.

Commitment Ethics in Candidates

This factor is one of the most frustrating as well as challenging of all others. A common breach in this respect is committing for an interview and then not showing up. Generally, people have a laid back attitude and are not ready to commit to a job but still schedule an interview. This practice is unreasonable and annoying.

Company Repute

Each company has a particular reputation in the markets on its employee retention rate, performance rewards and working environments. If they have a good repute, they are more likely to attract a commendable resource compared to others.

Candidates of Unique Skill Set

It’s a serious challenge for companies to find employees for roles that are unique. For instance, the software industry generally requires resources with a unique skill set. This is usually hard to come by which makes it tough job to find.

Stagnant Job Market

Thousands of fresh graduates are filling up the market every six months whereas the job market is stagnant in expansion. Moreover, companies are demanding experienced resource more frequently which has created an unbalance in supply demand ratio.

Brain Drain

Due to non favorable social, economic and political conditions most of the intelligent and skilled people have already left the country for greener pastures thus further complicating the onerous task of finding experienced talent for the organizations.



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  1. Prasad Joshi
    July 17, 2015

    I am agree with the author but I think some of these issue are serious global issues about employee recruitment, not faced only in Pakistan. I think all the HR managers, employers, recruiters should think about it and should come up with a major solution. Majorly this poor CV screening, lack of skills within candidates are some of the major issues for recruiters.
    I think to overcome this issue employers should think about using any best global software faster employee hiring. Most of the recruitment softwares are available now a days in market with all technical advancement where employers can do faster and more qualitative talent acquisition.

    • admin
      July 25, 2015

      Thanks Prasad, Its valid advice

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