Chiju: Metronic Inspired Free SharePoint Online Theme


Metronic is one of the most popular responsive multipurpose admin themes. You can purchase the theme from Metronic’s Official Website. It will come with 7 unique layouts, more than 1000 pages, 100+ integrated plugins, and 1500+ UI components. People love this theme for its design quality, ease of use, customizability, and feature availability. It comes prepackaged with support for AngularJS. Although not supported out of the box but almost any javascript framework like Vue.js,  React, and Meteor.js can be implemented using the basic HTML templates and jQuery code.


SharePoint is a popular digital workplace platform. Branding is usually an integral part of all SharePoint implementations. SharePoint has a very elegant theming engine that allows you to roll out your custom themes if you have HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. We are a prominent SharePoint consulting firm and frequently engage with clients for their SharePoint Design and Branding workloads. Keeping in view the popularity and demand of the Metronic theme we decided to implement a similar theme on SharePoint and make it available for all those colleagues who are doing a SharePoint implementation but want to save on the time and cost associated with Branding effort.

Introducing Chiju

Chiju is advanced among free SharePointline themes inspired by Metronic which applies to SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online sites. The theme covers majority of the ootb views and controls. The image below shows customizations applied on Tasks, Recent Work, Feeds and the default calendar control. All of these customizations implements by the standard JSLink property. Following the same lines, you can apply this theme on any custom control or view.

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Happy Chijuing!!!


Hassan Askari

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