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Who is using React Native?

In this article, we’ll talk about who is using React Native. Ever since React Native was open-sourced, it has gained a lot of curious minds to explore this framework. Today, thousands of apps are using React Native. There’re plenty of Fortune 500 companies that have embraced react native and also many new startups that have picked up on this framework.

Here are some of the popular apps built using React Native that you may be using daily:


Facebook being the core contributor to this framework has built many products of theirs using React Native. The Facebook Event Dashboard in the Facebook app is built entirely using React Native. The Facebook Ads Manager app is built completely with React Native, and it is also the first cross-platform app. Over time, they also built Facebook Marketplace, and Facebook Analytics, using React Native.

Facebook is one of the core backers of react native,  and it is impressive how they have utilized this technology for several of their mobile solutions. 


Another cool app that a lot of you might be using today is Instagram. In a blog post written by Instagram engineering on why they chose React Native, they discussed how it helped to increase the developer’s velocity. They also published results of the percentage of code shared between Android and iOS, and it was impressive to see that over 90% of the code was shared between the two platforms. 


Another cool app is UberEats. Uber uses React Native for its UberEats app, and this app is becoming prominent in bigger cities where people are busy and don’t want to be stuck in traffic to get their food from restaurants. UberEats chose React Native for its cross-platform features, and also it worked well with their existing native architecture. 

Some other well-known apps built using React Native include Walmart, the giant shopping store; Pinterest, the favorite image collection site; Bloomberg Financial app; and many others. If you’re interested to learn more about who else is using React Native, Click Here.