Part 2- Is React Native Right for Your Business?

Are you wondering if React Native is right for your business? Here are some factors to consider in React Native on the basis of your business’s use cases.

1. Having A Small Dev Team?

If you have a smaller dev team and you want them to build a cross-platform for iOS and Android apps, React Native might be your best pick. React Native has one code base that shares between Android and iOS devices. More so,  it’s very easy for a small dev team to tackle React Native projects. 

Adding to this, React Native works very well with big dev teams too. Companies like Uber, Facebook, and many others have some huge products being built using React Native.

2. The Requirement for Quicker Development Time 

If your business’s need is to deliver apps fast and have a quick turnaround time, React Native would be a good fit. Development and deployment times with React Native are much faster than their counterparts.

3. Having JavaScript Developers

If you have a team of web developers who are experts in JavaScript and you’re looking to create mobile applications, React Native is highly recommended. JavaScript developers work well in React Native and also develop an interest with time. Moreover, they can use their existing skills to create mobile applications based on React Native, and that is awesome.

4. The Requirement for Faster & Easier Debugging & Testing 

React Native comes with a much faster turnaround time when your business is facing some production issues, like clients needing a quick fix, etc.

React Native plays a great role in faster and easier debugging. More so, it aids in faster testing, helping you get rid of the bugs in time.


We explored some use cases for you to identify if React Native is the right fit for your business or not.