Porfolio By Allied Consultant

Implementing Cloud-Based Solution to Protect Sensitive Information

IMPLEMENTING CLOUD-BASED SOLUTION TO PROTECT SENSITIVE INFORMATION Location: Boston, USA Industry – Information Technology & Services Problems The customer did not have information protection in place. The documents and corporate information file were not classified (in terms of information’s need for protection). The organization also lacked end-to-end protection and control for sensitive data. Lastly, the […]

Subscribed Platform Solution

Subscribed Platform Solution Location: United Kingdom Industry: Fintech Problems The problem RedCloud wanted to solve was to gain control of their RedCloud platform and to ensure that customers use authorized and paid-up deployment of their platform. Following were the issues that needed attention: Way to terminate use if the subscription is unpaid Control of platform […]

Automation and Data Completeness through Integration

Automation and data completeness through integration Location: Berlin Industry: Automotive Problems They had two systems i.e. DVS and Revel that maintained different sets of data. They needed integration between both systems. Some main problems were: Human Intervention in the process Manual running of routines Tracking information in DVS Solutions The solution provided by Allied Consultants […]

Integration using Biztalk ESB

Integration using Biztalk ESB Location: Middle East & UAE Industry: Government Agencies/Finance Industries Problems A government agency wanted to do integration with another government agency for financials. But they couldn’t communicate directly, so they needed a 3rd party vendor. That third party vendor is also approved by the government itself. Second problem was lack of […]

Using IOT Solutions in Farming Practice

Using IOT Solutions in Farming Practice Location: Canada Industry: Agriculture Problems They already had an existing desktop application, they wanted to change that into a responsive web application with High Charts Graphical views that could be accessed anywhere using the internet. They were solving problems like Labor shortages Climate change Increasing environmental regulation By using […]

Mark’s (Canadian Tire Company)

Mark’s (Canadian Tire Company) Location: Canada Industry: Clothing & Footwear Problems Mark`s desire to generate more revenue by driving profitable sales by adding more customer-facing functions, larger product assortment, better fulfillment rate/speed and better online merchandising management functions. Target was to grow online presence both to the web and store. As part of the mark`s […]

Cloud & API Based Integration Solutions

Cloud & API Based Integration Solutions Location: USA Industry: Retail Solutions Allied Consultants delivered a cloud-based integration solution to help the client significantly reduce their development and implementation timeline for deploying a cloud-based solution. The solution was proposed to help route the data from the client’s global retail franchises to the back-end OMS (order management system). […]

Herbalife Migrates on-premise Infrastructure to Azure Cloud

Herbalife Migrates on-premise Infrastructure to Azure Cloud Location: USA Industry: ‎Multi-level Marketing Problems The company had all of its data/systems on premise and dedicated an entire building section for its servers and on-premise Biztalk products. The company planned to upgrade their system by migrating on-premises BizTalk Server to cloud with highly available setup. The aim […]

Automating Expense Management for a Supplier in Oil & Gas

Automating Expense Management for a Supplier in Oil & Gas Location: USA Industry: Oil & Gas Problems The company faced an increasing challenge of timely approving travel expenses originating from different departments. The format and process each department followed to approve travel expense was different from each other. Mostly it consisted of: Paper-based expense approval […]

Integrating Mainframe with App Front End

Integrating Mainframe with App Front End Location: USA Industry: Import & Export/ Warehousing/ Accounting Problems The United states imports roughly $ 2 trillion in goods through its borders. Most of the documentation associated with this trade is filed manually. The US Customs department offers brokers to file this information electronically however a stringent and complicated […]