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MFlex | Integration portal for Electronic Manufacturing company

MFlex | Integration portal for Electronic Manufacturing company Location: Irvine, California Industry: Electronic Manufacturing Problems Apple.Inc explicitly stated “if Mflex wants to work with them, then their whole supply chain management should be automated. Whereas, Automated Supply Chain refers to systematizing part or all of a workflow to improve processes. In essence, it means utilizing […]

Integrated Community Exchange

Integrated Community Exchange Location: US Industry : Healthcare Problems When a person is insured by an insurance company, all costs related to that insurance is borne by insurance companies. The basic problem faced by insurance companies was the payment of expenses for old age citizens. They wanted to create a system that doctors should check […]

Media Company goes for Quality Analysisc

Media Company goes for Quality Analysis Location: UAE Industry: Entertainment Problems The scope was based on Load, API and functionality testing (Manually). To ensure optimal system performance for targeted number of users and to make sure that the system functionality works as expected. Functionality remains intact after the deployment or making changes. They wanted to […]

Developing an application using React Native linked with ASP.net WebAPI

Developing an application using React Native linked with ASP.net WebAPI Location – Pakistan Industry – Trading Problems “Facility to connect yourself with all the suppliers, merchants / professional service providers. Also suppliers can post Ads for their products.” Kambatao App’s team basically wanted to digitize the whole trading system. Following are the issues which hadn’t […]

Growth through Partnerships

Growth through Partnerships Location: Alberta, Canada Industry: Service organizations and consulting firms Problems Panni, being a management consulting firm provides ideas to businesses to improve the efficiency of their business processes. They help businesses to shorten lead time, increase profit margins, reduce costs, and even implement business ERP solutions. However, everyday organizations across the board […]

Flower Bucket

Flower Bucket Location: Austria Industry: e-commerce Problems The biggest challenge was to divide the Magento’s product detail page into 3 steps. The second big challenge was to enable/disable shipping days and special enable any disabled day. For example, Sunday was normal to disable day but there is some special occasion so the client wanted to […]

Medical Company goes for Quantitative Analysis

Medical Company goes for Quantitative Analysis Location: USA Industry: Healthcare Problems Basically the problem was Seeking a partner for the testing of web enabled responsive application. They wanted to automate the process as well as executing the manual testing so that till the time automation scripts are ready the application do not introduce bugs. The […]

Futon beds & it’s Accessories

Futon Beds Configuration Location: Japan Industry: E- Commerce Problems The main issue faced was if any customer ordered a large size or king size futon bed and chose accessories such as bed cover, pillow cover of small size and not similar to the size of the bed, as small cover with king size mattress was […]

Airline Company goes for Business Process Automation

Airline Company goes for Business Process Automation Location: Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Industry: Airline Problems Business Process Automation is the primary focus of enterprises when they use SharePoint. Business process automation is the utilization of innovation to automate repeatable, everyday assignments. It quickens how work completes by directing data to the correct individual at […]

Powerbike/Electric Cycles Configuration

Powerbike/Electric Cycles Configuration Location: Netherlands Industry: E-Commerce Problems The main problem of Powerbike was that the customer sometimes want to customize their bike, but the attributes which were shown in options were not compatible with their bikes system For example, if a customer buy a bike of 24 inches, and customize it with his own […]