According to Gartner’s 2019 CIO Survey, retailers have prioritized revenue- and efficiency increasing digitalization strategies.

Power BI Turnover dashboard using Azure & Power Apps

Power BI Turnover dashboard using Azure & Power Apps Location: Switzerland Industry: Technology, Lubricant, Retail and E-commerce, Energy, Organizations, Government Business Functions: Information Technology Sales Operations Problems The client needed Power BI reports following the available data to enhance strategic decision making. Client wanted to: Make informed decisions on strategic issues Improve their business decisions […] | Online Grocery Shopping Platform | Online Grocery Shopping Platform Location: Lahore- Pakistan Industry: e-commerce Solutions is an online home grocery shopping website where you can buy anything just in a few clicks. Open the web browser on your mobile. Set your current location then connects to the nearby shops, add anything in your cart, click to […]

Luxury Beds Collection

Luxury Beds Collection Location: Germany (Berlin) Industry: Furniture Problems There was a need to make the customer shopping experience easier for their products (Luxury beds and accessories) in a way that all options should be easily manageable on a single product page. The second problem was to upgrade their shop look and to make it […]

Growth through Partnerships

Growth through Partnerships Location: Alberta, Canada Industry: Service organizations and consulting firms Problems Panni, being a management consulting firm provides ideas to businesses to improve the efficiency of their business processes. They help businesses to shorten lead time, increase profit margins, reduce costs, and even implement business ERP solutions. However, everyday organizations across the board […]

Futon beds & it’s Accessories

Futon Beds Configuration Location: Japan Industry: E- Commerce Problems The main issue faced was if any customer ordered a large size or king size futon bed and chose accessories such as bed cover, pillow cover of small size and not similar to the size of the bed, as small cover with king size mattress was […]

Powerbike/Electric Cycles Configuration

Power Bike / Electric Cycles Configuration Location: Netherlands Industry: E-Commerce Problems The main problem of Powerbike was that the customer sometimes want to customize their bike, but the attributes which were shown in options were not compatible with their bikes systemFor example, if a customer buy a bike of 24 inches, and customize it with […]

Cloud & API Based Integration Solutions

Cloud & API Based Integration Solutions Location: USA Industry: Retail Solutions Allied Consultants delivered a cloud-based integration solution to help the client significantly reduce their development and implementation timeline for deploying a cloud-based solution. The solution was proposed to help route the data from the client’s global retail franchises to the back-end OMS (order management system). […]

Generating More Revenue With ESB Based Enterprise Integration Solution

Generating More Revenue With ESB Based Enterprise Integration Solution Location: Canada Industry: Clothing & Footwear Problems Mark`s desire to generate more revenue by driving profitable sales by adding more customer-facing functions, larger product assortment, better fulfillment rate/speed and better online merchandising management functions. Target was to grow online presence both to the web and store. […]

Utilizing the Best of K2 Technology for Automating Business Processes

Utilizing the Best of K2 Technology for Automating Business Processes Location: USA Industry: Retail Problems The customer came up with a problem where they had to send tasks and forms to a list of people. The processes were based upon some simple workflows. At each point, the person involved was dependent upon the person performing […]

Retail | Aptos & Dynamics GP Integration

Retail | Aptos & Dynamics GP Integration Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA Industry: Retail & Wholesale Problems The customer was using multiple systems such as Aptos (Merch, EOM, CRM), Dynamics GP, Salesforce, SharePoint, and Tableau. Each of the systems was critical to the business needs, however, having multiple systems gave birth to some vexing problems such […]