The KonMari Method for Project Management

The KonMari Method for Project Management:

In 2019, a Netflix series i.e. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo enjoyed huge commercial success. It actually gave birth to the whole movement of systematic organization. It hooked us all into this world of micromanagement. People began incorporating the said method in their day-to-day lives to get rid of the unwanted and create space for the desired ones.

KonMari method has been divided into different categories, decluttering the surroundings and effectively organizing everything. Most of the time, we have seen people applying the method to their personal lives i.e. in their homes. In this piece of writing, our focus would be on how the KonMari method can be used in the office. Will it be efficient in our work settings as well? Is it equally useful for project management as it is in organizing the cutlery or clothes?

Let us begin with knowing the fundamentals of the KonMari method.

What is the KonMari method? This KonMari method was introduced by a Japanese organizing consultant named Marie Kondo. So far her four books have been published on the art of organizing. Her most famous book is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It was published in 2011. It led to a new cultural phenomenon and inspired people to get rid of what was excess and be focused on the essentials.

So what exactly is this method?

Well, the KonMari method has been divided into different categories to organize the stuff around you. This method uses the minimalist approach to organize the stuff. This method is all about getting rid of things that are not adding value. Following this method, one must pile up everything in one place and then go by items one by one. Identify the ones that make your heart flutter and discard the rest of them. Move category by category. For instance, your books make one category, your clothes fall under a separate category, and so on. The method encourages tidying up things following the categories and not by location. Hence, the emphasis is on what and not where.

It is essential to be clear that Marie KonMari’s method does not suggest that one must throw away one’s possessions rather it simply recommends keeping the things that make difference in your life.

Let us now see how to do the KonMari method.

How to do the KonMari method? To implement this method in your life, you need to follow the enlisted points:

  • Discard the unnecessary stuff
  • Change the mindset
  • Organize things in one go rather than taking small steps
  • Declutter the storage by keeping the things in regular use
  • Organize things following the categories
  • Store similar items in one place
  • Identify if an item sparks joy or not

In this way, you may not only declutter your house but you can purify your focus on important things alone. The same method can be used in an office as well.

Using the KonMari method at the workplace: To implement the KonMari method at your workplace, you need to start with the following steps:

Tidy up your desk: First thing is to make sure that you have an organized, neat, and clean workplace. The hordes of papers, files, and stationery scattered across the desk are evidence of a chaotic and messy mindset. You may organize things easily by announcing a team session. Gather your team and organize the desks together. Remember you have to work category by category. Categorizing the office items seems to be difficult however it is not. Divide the things into memos, papers, books, pens, etc. After identifying the categories, you may begin with one category. For instance, organize all the books first and then move to the next category.

The method insists that you must not pick up the stuff randomly. Proceed following an order to save time and effort. You may feel what joy would be there in office items but believe in the fact that it is not much difficult to do. To identify, you must see how often a thing is used. For instance, a paper clip is used frequently and is an important item while a file you have not opened for long is supposed to go to the paper shredder.

Declutter the desktop: Once the surrounding environment is cleaned, it is time to do the same with your desktop. Since you spend most of the time on your PC therefore your desktop needs to be clean like your workspace. To start with, organize the files into different categories. Place the documents according to their priority. Files can be organized into different folders. For instance, files belonging to the same project must be placed in one folder. You may create subfolders for different attachments such as pictures, videos, excel, word files, etc.

Do the same with your inbox. Delete spam emails, adverts, etc. important emails must be flagged so you don’t lose them.

Organize your Projects: You may organize your bigger projects in smaller chunks. Assign tasks to specific team members. You may also set deadlines so that the project is completed in the restricted time frame. Do not force the tasks on the team members. In this way, you will get the project completed but will lose the motivation of your team members. Talk to your team members and ask them about which task will they perform. It will not only keep them motivated but also they will be more productive and efficient.

Benefits of the KonMari method in project management: Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • You get rid of the unwanted tasks
  • Focus on the important tasks
  • Team building activity
  • Visual satisfaction
  • Helps in prioritizing the tasks
  • Removes excess items
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency


The KonMari method is an efficient way to organize your workplace. It will enable you to make yourself more organized and focus on the tasks with high priority.