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BizTalk HL7 Solution for healthcare providers


The proposed solution is part of Allied Consultant’s Healthcare EDI solution stack. The solution integrates and centralizes the various medical systems and ensures compliance with HL7 (Health level 7) standard. It also helps in integration of different systems without the high costs or third-party interface development.

HL7 Diagram

Solution features

Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for HL7 (BTAHL7): Builds a BizTalk Server integration system into a health care integration system. It adds functionality that healthcare organizations require. It adds features, tools, and utilities to those that BizTalk Server provides. It also adds application-programming interfaces (APIs) to what the BizTalk Server SDK provides.

Real-time messages: Real-time messages may be sent through one channel while batch can be sent through another.

Data warehousing: Data storage space intended along with persistence is provided through this solution which enables data warehousing. Furthermore, this solution facilitates high availability intended for important messages to be received and delivered, control orchestrations, letting you separate hosting companies along with managing numerous host circumstances.

Interface designer and Real-time reviews: Provides Real-Time reviews using point-and-click tools that easily create new interfaces. You may entirely document your own HL7 setting and provides up-to-date complete reviews.

Specification document generator: Standardized and centralized documents standard are created across the organization with the document manager.

Monitor and control: Achieving an insight involving generally health and position of your respective HL7 integration setting, positively monitors operational efficiency and notifies system workers to take specific activities to make sure constant operation of your respective integration setting.

Specification repository: Real-time clinical data storage connected with medical HL7 messages. CDR (clinical data repository) helps gain in depth as well as swift awareness. The data information stored can be used to create business strategies.

Business benefits

  • HL7 compliance (complete lifecycle)
  • Integrates heterogeneous healthcare apps
  • Minimized development time &  implementation timelines
  • Cost-effective along with abundance of patient’s medical details
  • Simplified maintenance and production of reports
  • Decreased interface improvement time period along with expenses

Technology stack

  • Microsoft BizTalk server 2013
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012