IoT Data Logger using WEMOS D1 mini & ESP8266 WiFi Module


At Allied, several IoT projects have been completed. This time around a Data Logger with a built-in wifi module was built in order to read & send data of power consumption.

It’s for anyone who wishes to check & analyze data of their power consumption, observe usage patterns and optimize usage of power based on the analysis.

Above is the WEMOS D1 mini as the Wi-fi capable development board with 4MB flash based on ESP-8266EX.

For the purpose of data logging, tracking & updating data, Thingspeak is being used.

It’s an open source IoT analytics service which allows you to have a dashboard for analyzing live data streams in the cloud, coming through your IoT device.

List of Components Used

  • WEMOS D1 Mini Development Board (Includes ESP8266 WiFi Module)
  • Burden Resistor 33 ohm
  • 4051 Multiplexer for the purpose of extending the analog inputs for reading 3 phases
  • 1 LED
  • 10K Resistor

Basic Circuit Diagram 

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Hassan Askari