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The B2B Impact of IoT

The latest statistics show that IoT will impact the economy by approximately 4-11 trillion dollars by the year 2025 that has increased the interest of investors in IoT. There are specific markets which hold huge returns for the investors, particularly: The medical industry – doctors, hospitals (Proteus ingestible pill sensor, BeClose system, BodyGuardian) The car […]

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Converting your Integration team into an Internet of Things team

No one makes a better case for integration consultants to start building prototypes in Internet of Things (IoT) applications than Cisco Security Services Senior Vice President Bryan Palma. In this short video, Palma explains that the Internet of Everything is an emerging field and consultants are the first ones to get engaged by the early adopters. […]

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Internet of Things: A comprehensive checklist of IoT skills

Device Management An IoT consultant needs to be aware of the functions and workings of various hardware involved in typical IoT solutions. You should gain intermediate to expert-level knowledge of frameworks, programming, and other tools required for the integration, analysis, and reporting of IoT networks and data sets. Choose the following to get started: 1. […]

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9 Best Practices for IT consultants who want to build their Internet of Things Practice

Building practice in a new technology area can be a daunting task for IT consultants. We’ve asked our in-house experts regarding the best practices that IT consultants can use when they start building their Internet of Things practice. We’ve also cross-checked these with the industry experts in the IoT domain. Here are the 9 best practices. […]