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Questions Logistics/Freight forwarding companies should ask themselves when planning an integration strategy

1.How do you plan on making cargo services more profitable? Through customer intimacy, operational efficiency or product/service innovation? Deciding upon a competitive strategy early on in your integration strategy helps to develop an integration solution tailored to meet these objectives. If you are betting on improving operational efficiency, you’ll likely focus on automating processes and […]

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B2B Integration Platform: Determining KPIs for logistics & freight-forwarding companies

1. Performance and Scalability Latency and throughput are the two most important factors that determine performance aspect on an integration platform. This translates into messages/sec and response time in seconds as typical KPIs of an integration platform (See image 1 for BizTalk performance indicators). You’ll need to capture the requirements you are setting up for […]

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Choosing an EDI solution

EDI (Electronic data interchange) is a broad term encompassing pretty much anything used to help connect buyers with sellers. Broadly speaking you can break this down into B2B and B2C segments. B2C ones are usually called things like e-commerce, online shops etc. B2B interactions are usually regulated under an industry standard within the EDI umberella. […]

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The future of Integration is not in Integration platforms

I have spent most of my adult life connecting enterprise applications using large, expensive integration tools like BizTalk, Sterling commerce, IBM ESB – you name it. Customers come to us saying that they want to integrate a certain functionality (usually represented by a screen) with another application/vendor/standard etc. We then go about detailing API, identifying […]

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Azure Logic Apps vs. BizTalk: A comparison between old and new integration platforms

Steef Jan-Wiggers recently shared Microsoft’s product road map for 2016. It will deliver Microsoft’s iPaaS offering on-premises through Logic Apps on Azure Stack in preview around Q3 2016 and GA around the end of the year.connecting systems, devices and applications together is going to change, or may I say that it already has changed. Connecting […]

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Azure Logic Apps: Top 5 use cases and the road ahead of Microsoft integration

“APIs fuel the software that’s eating the world”, writes Ron Miller in an article for TechCrunch. This is true. As of now, PrgrammableWeb, a global API directory lists 14,707 APIs. All of these APIs are scalable, ubiquitous and monetized. Deloitte’s “Evolution of APIs” shows that how API economy has evolved over the past few decades and […]

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BizTalk EDI solution for high-tech manufacturing industry

Introduction EDI integration solution helps B2B firms to communicate, in parallel, with suppliers, customers, warehouses, logistics department, banks and telecommunication providers. Allied Consultant’s broad Allied EDI framework is a set of templates, tools and best practices that accelerate the implementation of EDI projects in a multi-shore implementation scenario. Most of the multinational retail and wholesale brands such as H&M, […]