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Aptos Integration

TRANSCRIPTION: 0:00:13.759,0:00:20.150 now I’m going to give you a quick walk to how to integrate with applause Aptos 0:00:20.150,0:00:27.310 is the retail platform I have a number of products or order management 0:00:27.310,0:00:34.489 point-of-sale merchandising etc it’s a popular platform but it’s very hard to 0:00:34.489,0:00:39.290 integrate with this going to give you a quick […]

Logic Apps

New Features In Logic Apps

In this blog, you will see new logic app designer support and tools in Visual Studio 2017. Download from Cloud Explorer You can browse live logic apps using Cloud Explorer and run History. If you go to Cloud Explorer and Run Logic App, You can download full templated version of it by using download Button […]

Biztalk Blog Integration

Questions Logistics/Freight forwarding companies should ask themselves when planning an integration strategy

1.How do you plan on making cargo services more profitable? Through customer intimacy, operational efficiency or product/service innovation? Deciding upon a competitive strategy early on in your integration strategy helps to develop an integration solution tailored to meet these objectives. If you are betting on improving operational efficiency, you’ll likely focus on automating processes and […]

Biztalk Blog Evaluation Integration

B2B Integration Platform: Determining KPIs for logistics & freight-forwarding companies

1. Performance and Scalability Latency and throughput are the two most important factors that determine performance aspect on an integration platform. This translates into messages/sec and response time in seconds as typical KPIs of an integration platform (See image 1 for BizTalk performance indicators). You’ll need to capture the requirements you are setting up for […]