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Internet of things training courses: 17 Resources to become an IoT Pro

Here are 17 resources that you can use to hack your way into learning and building IoT solutions and products. Once you’re skilled in developing IoT applications, you can use these Top IO Internet of Things Questions to discover IoT’s value for any business.

Internet of Things Trainings

1. Alasdair Allas: Workshops on Sensors

Allas offers his iOS sensors and external hardware masterclass. This is one of our favorite workshops on sensors. If done well, you’ll be able to make basic location-aware applications for the iOS platforms. You’ll be using onboard sensors: the 3-axis accelerometer, the magnetometer, the gyroscope, the camera, and the GPS. Allas has also authored a book titled Learning iOS Programming. Anyone looking to hack their way into iOS-based IoT apps can attend the upcoming workshops in London, San Francisco, and New York.

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2. Lynda: IoT with Android

Those of you who are interested in developing Android-based IoT apps can check Michael Lehman’s course on Lynda. You’ll come to know how to use IFTTT to program things, create your own things with programmable hardware & how connect inputs and outputs. Michael offers IoT courses for both Android & iOS, he has been with Microsoft’s Patterns & Practices and Developer/Platform Evangelism groups and now runs his Seattle-based consulting firm DreamTimeStudioZ, LLC.

3. Lynda: IoT with iOS

The Lynda course on IoT teaches programmers how to program the internet of things with iOS. You’ll get to know all things wireless and communication networks that can be used in IoT projects.

4. Microsoft: Cross-platform development in IoT

This course by Microsoft Channel 9 allows attendees to see how easily they can create solutions using Windows IoT “Athens” on mobile and industry devices.

5. Microsoft: IoT Mobile Apps

This course at Microsoft Virtual Academy delves deep into the ‘how-to’ of building IoT Mobile Apps. The course is 50 minutes of video tutorial and also addresses the scalability issue often reported in IoT mobile apps.

6. Rockwell Automation: Industrial Ethernet

Essentials of Industrial Ethernet Networks for an OT Professional by Rockwell Automation. This is a 2-day course, and a prerequisite to attending the course is your ability to perform basic Windows® operating system tasks. The guys there will make you hands-on in IoT exercises by performing on an EtherNet/IP™ workstation and/or using a variety of software tools. The course is aimed towards OT (operations technology) professionals but with IoT, it is never a bad idea to know plenty of stuff right from devices to the integration, services, and dashboard layer.

7. Telecoms Academy: Connected Devices

Telecoms Academy are a bit expensive 2-day course (Early Bird – £1035 Sep 29-30, 2015) around networking technologies for application within IoT projects. The course also aims to educate participants for applying effective techniques to utilize agents in creating IoT projects.

8. NFC: Certification for IoT products

NFC forum offers certification for near-field-communication products used within the projects. The course highlights the specifications that must be implemented by a device to be eligible to receive the NFC Forum Certification Mark.

9. ARC Chart: Radio technologies for IoT

The two-day course by ARC Chart will teach you some nerdy stuff about radio spectrum, IoT allocations, ISM bands, and cognitive radio techniques. You’ll learn some meshing techniques and new networks that have emerged such as Sigfox, LoRA, and Weightless. The course is targeted words a broad range of technical and business persons. Again, it is in London (and expensive around £945 for two days course.

10. Big Data Training: Experfy

With some programming and statistics problem-solving experience, this Experfy course revolves around Neural Networks, Machine Learning System Design, Clustering Anomaly Detection, and recommendation system design. This course is only available for on-site corporate training on days and location that is convenient to your team.

Since Big Data becomes an inevitable part of the larger IoT projects, it is good to have a good handle on Hadoop and other big data technologies. If you are coming from a business intelligence or application integration background, you can also check our Big Data training.

11. RapidStart: Certified IoT Specialist

The Singapore-based RapidStart offers this IoT specialist certification comprising 40 hours, of course, spanning over 5 days. The good thing about this course is that it also includes Big Data modules. They’ve got quite a detailed course outline, check here.

12. Noble Prog: IoT for Executives

Anyone whose new to IoT and feels inadequate in the electronics & devices layer of IoT should check this resource. Noble Prog course on IoT covers a good deal of electronics stuff involved in typical IoT projects. By far it is one of the most comprehensive IoT courses out there on the web. Let us know if a course beats this in detail to each layer in a typical IoT solution 🙂

13. Rockwell Automation: Industrial IoT

Rockwell‘s name has become synonymous with some good early-adopted IoT projects. This course is for IT professionals with limited background in industrial automation and control of IP (Internet Protocol) networks used in industrial settings. This a good course if you look forward to establishing yourself in the IoT enterprise space.

14. Blackhat USA: IoT Security

If you are someone who keeps dreading about security issues of IoT devices and solutions, this is a must-attend event by Blackhat USA. Although the event was scheduled for July this year, you can still get hold of their proceedings and presentations. The event has extensively covered issues such as hardware & software debugging, web and mobile-based vulnerabilities, identifying attack surfaces and white fuzzers, and how to bypass security mitigation. The all-in-one nerdy-nifty security & privacy-related event for IoT & M2M practitioners.

15. Tonex: Internet of Things Training

The Texas-based Tonex (Technology & Mgmt Training course provider) offers IoT training for a whopping sum of $1999.00 🙂 The course covers the four layers of an IoT solution (connectivity, integration, services, and visualization), especially the connectivity methods & technologies are given a fair share in this course (wireless 101, RF 101, ZigBee, RFID, Bluetooth LE or Bluetooth Smart Technology, IEEE 802.15.4, IEEE 802.15.4e, 802.11ah). Considering the price tag of this training course, only the one who has attended the session can opine that how much is it worth spending the amount (please comment if anyone knows how well Tonex delivers this training).

16. Cisco: Industrial Networking Specialist

Cisco is to networking as Apple is to a smartphone. The industrial networking courses by Cisco can make you well-versed in OSI layers of IP networks, as well as networking devices like routers and switches, and cabling approaches; specific industrial devices such as drives, PLCs, sensors, and substation equipment; relevant industrial standards and models such as TIA, the Purdue model, and environmental standards; and various safety protocols important in an industrial zone (Cisco). The three courses specifically designed around industrial internet & networking can make you a networking ninja.

17. Award Solutions: The World of IoT

The Texas-based training & services provider, Award Solutions, offers instructor-led courses on IP and the Internet, IoT & Big Data and security of IoT environments, and specific application of IoT in the business world.

This is a non-exhaustive list that we’ve made. If you know of or run an IoT training program, please share it in the comments. We’ll update our list.

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