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Startup Pitch Ideas

Startup pitch: 3 things you need to nail down before presenting to Investors

Recently, we held a one-on-one with Asjad Yahya, Director @ Shuaa Capital psc, Investment Banker & Angel Investor, Dubai. The session was held at Allied Consultants head office. The chat revolved around the most important things that start-up founders should consider when pitching their idea to Angel & Venture Capital investors. Watch the video and […]

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Building a sense of ownership in consulting teams

The IT consulting space (and in professional services in general) companies rely heavily on the consultants that represent them with a particular client. You are only as good as your consultant is on that given day. One key requirement in that is having the consultant take ownership of work. This means owning the client’s problems […]

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CIO vs Owners

CIO vs. the owner of an IT consulting firm

CIOs or organizations and owners of small consulting firms are usually people of the same age group (education, interests etc.). Yet a comparison between them reveals some interesting patterns which in turn explain some of the conflicts that arise between them. In a corporate culture that extensively promotes outsourcing of IT to consulting firms both […]

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Things they don’t tell IT sales people

Most people in the IT Services Sales industry are not intimately aware of the value of their work to their consulting firms.  Its no surprise then that most are under-compensated or sell themselves short. Here are a few things that they won’t normally tell you (or things they do tell that aren’t entirely true) 1. […]