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UI design and User experience

Poor visual appearance (Clarity) The first and foremost requirement of the UI design is clarity. The user needs to be able to quickly scan the interface and discern the relevant areas of interaction. The image in the background, though blurred, creates poor visual effect making the text hardly readable and information vaguely understandable. Simplicity and […]

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Building a Field Service Application using Google App Script [Case Study]

  1. Customer Background The client is a field services company that provides turn-key operational support services to construction, utilities and telecom sector in the US. The main services are site and plant maintenance for large enterprises. The core activities of the company also include access chamber placements, trenching, fiber backhaul, fiber splicing, structured wiring, […]

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CIO vs Owners

CIO vs. the owner of an IT consulting firm

CIOs or organizations and owners of small consulting firms are usually people of the same age group (education, interests etc.). Yet a comparison between them reveals some interesting patterns which in turn explain some of the conflicts that arise between them. In a corporate culture that extensively promotes outsourcing of IT to consulting firms both […]