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Compression/Decompression (Client & Server side) using GZipStream and pako

What is GZipStream? GZipStream provides methods and properties used to compress and decompress streams by using the GZip data format specification and support compression of streams with a maximum size of 4GB. GZipStream uses RFC 1952 compression algorithm. What is pako? The pako compression library is an open-source JavaScript library to compress and decompress the […]

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B2B Integration Platform: Determining KPIs for logistics & freight-forwarding companies

1. Performance and Scalability Latency and throughput are the two most important factors that determine performance aspect on an integration platform. This translates into messages/sec and response time in seconds as typical KPIs of an integration platform (See image 1 for BizTalk performance indicators). You’ll need to capture the requirements you are setting up for […]

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The biggest problem with Utility M&As, and How you can fix it

“The way for power and utility companies to thrive & stay competitive is to ensure they’re making growth & capital spending efficiency a priority,” says Regina Mayor. Companies are rethinking the future of their businesses as the centralized model (schedulable, predominantly large, thermal or nuclear plant) is transitioning to a hybrid and distributed model. The […]

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On next-generation integration, utility companies & CIO as the rainmaker

Idea in brief Most of the integration scenarios require complex setup, design and control. And then there’s this need for purchasing proprietary licenses and affording large integration teams. The new cloud-based and developer-friendly integration platforms have changed the way companies are identifying new business opportunities. “Cloud integration platforms are more programmable, more customizable to handle […]